Sometimes, relaxation is the best cure
From our float tanks, massage therapy, Reiki, infrared saunas, cold plunge, and our friendly staff, we’re here to help you relax!

Our services are backed by research and our passion to help clients feel and perform their best!

  • What do we offer?

    - 90-minute float sessions in either our standard or deluxe float room

    - 45-minute infrared sauna sessions with enough room for two

    - Licensed Massage Therapist on site offering 60 & 90min sessions

    - Reiki and energy healing techniques including the use of tuning forks. 60 and 90 min sessions available.

    - Contrast Therapy, see what the hype is all about with our IR sauna and Cold Plunge sessions

    - An array of North Spore, Chirp Wheels, and CBD products

    - A post float lounge to continue relaxing after your session

    - Powder room with hairdryer to finish getting ready

    - Private shower room available for after your sauna session.

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