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by June 6th, 2023

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed the relaxation and health benefits of saunas. Traditionally, saunas used hot rocks or other materials to heat water and create steam. Steamy and humid air causes the body to sweat out dirt and other toxins, leaving the participant feeling refreshed and relaxed at the end of the treatment.

More recently, however, a new concept in sauna technology has emerged: infrared light. This light stimulates the lymphatic, cardiovascular, and immune systems in a positive way. The new technology provides the opportunity for precise treatment of patients.

At Float 207, we predict that this technology is going to take off in a big way in 2020.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

This kind of sauna is typically located in an enclosed room where users have the opportunity to choose from a range of treatments. Each selection offers specific levels of infrared light to address specific conditions.

Near-infrared light has a short wavelength and deep penetrative action. It specifically targets and stimulates cellular repair, making it an ideal treatment for wound repair, surgical recovery, and more. Studies indicate that this treatment can change mitochondrial signalling in ways that can benefit health.

Light in the mid-infrared range boosts circulation through vasodilation. This also could help efforts to reduce blood pressure through natural means. Heart rate and metabolism increase naturally and with less strain on the body itself.

Far-infrared almost matches the wavelength of energy produced by the human body itself. It creates resonance within the water molecules of the body, leaving the user feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Resonance also helps with the body's rejection of damaging toxins, allowing them to be safely excreted.

Why Use an Infrared Sauna?

Recent limited studies suggest that this kind of sauna use could have other specific health and well-being benefits.

Treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A 2015 limited study of ten participants suggested that regular treatments using infrared energy created significant improvement for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients also reported improved mood and other factors.

Better Recovery Time from Strength-Training Sessions

Another limited study demonstrated enhanced recovery from strength training sessions among those using infrared energy treatments. The treatments used far-infrared energy and patients showed demonstrably better recovery times.

Possible Blood Pressure Benefits

The cardiovascular health benefits have been studied repeatedly and on a large scale. Existing evidence from these studies indicates a number of positive responses. An increase in cardio output is matched by the lowering of peripheral resistance in sauna treatments, resulting in improved blood pressure and all-round health.

Looking Ahead to 2020

Experts will continue to follow up on the promising initial results of infrared sauna treatments. Some health benefits have already earned confirmation. More research will focus on linking more specific effects with the different levels of energy.

Use of infrared energy is already growing. People find it less invasive than other treatments and more convenient than a traditional sauna. As more information emerges about this potentially game-changing therapeutic system, more people will be inspired to explore its use over the next year.

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